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Google Bulk Sender Requirements


These are the results of the checks we performed on your email. A Pass means that your email passed the check while a yellow Pass means you passed under some conditions. A Fail means that your email failed the check. Click on a score to learn more.

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What we check

Total Calculated Score

We check for common email health issues that could affect your deliverability then use the results to calculate your Total Health Score. The higher your score, the better your chance of reaching the inbox. Anything less than 10 is considered a fail against Google's Bulk Sender rules.

Google Bulk Sender Rating

We check your email against Google's Bulk Sender rules to see if your email is compliant. In February 2024, Google will be releasing a new Gmail feature that will require all bulk senders to be compliant with their Bulk Sender rules. If you're not compliant, your emails will have a lower chance of reaching the inbox. Senders who send more than 5,000 messages per day to Gmail accounts have more stringent requirements, but all senders will be impacted.

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DMARC Compliance

DMARC, or Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance, is a key email authentication protocol. Our check verifies if your email domain is DMARC compliant, which is essential for protecting against email spoofing and phishing attacks. Proper DMARC implementation helps email receivers determine the legitimacy of an email, thereby safeguarding your brand's reputation and increasing email deliverability.

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DKIM Verification

This check verifies the presence and correctness of DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) settings for your email domain. DKIM provides an encryption key and digital signature that verify that an email message was not forged or altered. Our tool ensures that your emails are authenticated correctly with DKIM, reducing the risk of them being flagged as spam and enhancing their integrity in transit.

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SPF Authentication

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is an email validation system designed to prevent email spoofing. Our SPF check confirms whether your outgoing emails are authenticated, ensuring they come from a listed server in the domain's SPF record. This helps in maintaining a trusted sender status and reduces the chances of your emails being marked as spam due to authentication issues.

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List-ID Header Check

We analyze your emails for the presence of a List-ID header, a key component for managing mailing lists. This header assists email clients in identifying and categorizing mailing list messages, and it offers a mechanism for users to unsubscribe. Our tool specifically notes the absence of this header in transactional emails, understanding its distinct purpose and ensuring it doesn’t negatively impact your score.

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One-Click Unsubscribe Capability

Our tool evaluates whether your emails support a one-click unsubscribe function through the List-Unsubscribe-Post header. This feature is crucial for user convenience and control, allowing recipients to easily opt-out of mailing lists. It's also a compliance aspect with Google's guidelines, especially for bulk senders. Ensuring this capability can improve the user experience and reduce spam complaints. We currently treat as either http and mailto links as valid one-click unsubscribe links but will be updating this in the future to require both types.

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